The Welcoming Kingdom

A Welcoming King

Pastor Watson introduces our new sermon series, "The Welcoming Kingdom." For the next few weeks, we will better understand the expansive nature of God's Kingdom, and consider how this informs how we behave as a local church. Pastor Watson looks at how Jesus, and even Old Testament prophets, embraced those historically outside the community of faith. He challenges us to follow Jesus into displaying the radical welcome and inclusion of God.

What to Do with Difference and Disagreement

As humans, we are going to have differences and disagreements. Pastor Justin Fung addresses how we navigate being united in community with folks with whom we may not see eye-to-eye, even if we both call ourselves Christians. How do we understand oneness in Christ with people who may express their faith differently, perhaps even in ways that hurts? Is a community that embodies the welcome of God to all people even possible, and if so, what does it demand of us?

Loving your enemies

We are to love our enemies because we see the imago dei - image of God - in all people. But who is our enemy, and how do we love them? Pastoral Associate Andrea Ackermann looks at Jesus' examples of loving his enemies in the gospels, and challenges us to identify and pray for our enemies.

A Church Expanding

The Ethiopian eunuch, Lydia, a demon-possessed girl, a jailor - Pastor Watson concludes our series on The Welcoming Kingdom by showing how the Kingdom of God expands to those who were traditionally viewed as outside of traditional boundaries.