Race, Faith & the Kingdom of God

Race Matters

Pastor Justin Fung opens up our six-week series on Race, Faith, and the Kingdom of God, where we'll move beyond just what we should know or what we should feel - and toward what we should do.

A Beloved Community

It is our task to live in beloved community as children of God, and Pastor Andrea Ackermann walks us through how we are to flesh this out in our context, in our community, and with these particular people.  Not in spite of our differences, but in a way that fully embodies them.

Real Life Together

Life together is one thing when we talk about it; another thing as we live it out. Pastor Matthew Watson shares why as a church, we continue to learn, and listen, and act in solidarity with those in our community most affected by racist polices and practices that frustrate flourishing and attempt to stifle God's shalom in our city. We don't want to simply be hearers of the word - as important a listening is - we want to be doers as well.

Learning New Instincts

In order to be a kingdom community, especially a multiracial, multicultural one, we must recognize our existing instincts and learn new ones. Pastor Justin Fung preaches on the image of shalom found in Isaiah 11.

Radical Inclusivity

Guest preacher Mark Charles brings an eye-opening perspective on why the ministry of radical inclusivity is so hard, and yet still possible through the Holy Spirit.

Being a “multi” church

Guest preacher Rev. Tonetta Landis-Aina looks at the intersections of identity and power in the story of Hagar and Sarai. She challenges us to examine our own identities and privileges in order to live into the vision of being a "multi" church.