Anticipating Advent

May You Find a Light

Pastor Justin Fung introduces our Anticipating Advent series, which will explore the prophesies about Jesus in the book of Isaiah. As Christians, we celebrate Christmas as Jesus' first Advent, when the kingdom broke into reality; but we look forward to his second Advent, his return, when he promises that all things will be made new. In this sermon, Justin asks, "What are you waiting for, and what sustains you in the wait?" He unpacks the vision of hope in Isaiah 9 and urges us to actively anticipate Advent this Christmas season.

Peace and Gathering

In Isaiah 11, we find a people desperately waiting for the return of their King. Isaiah is anticipating the arrival of a King who will bring peace and gather the people. Jesus is this long-awaited King. Pastor Watson asks what it may look like now, to say yes to Jesus and the advent that we're anticipating in our own hearts and minds.

The Second Coming of Christ

For the third Sunday of Advent, Dana Cunliffe preaches on how Advent exists in both the past, the present, and the future. At Christmas, it's natural for us to celebrate what happened 2,000 years ago, and also how Jesus is present with us now. But Dana highlights how important it is to remember and anticipate the future advent - the second coming of Christ.

An Advent Future

Pastor Watson wraps up our series on Anticipating Advent by looking toward a future where Christ fulfills all that he began. Our Kids City Director, Nikki Wiggins, reminds us of the best gift we ever received at Christmas.