The Whole Story

In the final week of The Whole Story series, Pastor Justin focuses on testimonies of triumph. For Christians, our triumphs come from being faithful. Whether something is a triumph depends on what you’re looking at, when you ask, and whom you ask. (Psalm 40:1-3, 9-10)

The Daily Examen (explained by Fr. Mark Thibodeaux)

  1. RELISH the moments that went well and all of the gifts I have today. I begin by giving God thanks for all the things I’m grateful for today. I allow my mind to wander as I reflect on the ways God has blessed me on this particular day. I allow big things and small things to arise—everything from the gift of my faith, to the gift of my marriage, to the easy commute to work today.
  2. REQUEST the Spirit to lead me through my review of the day. Next, I want to look at the moments in my day when I did not act so well. However, before doing so, I ask God to fill me with his Spirit so that the Spirit can lead me through this difficult soul-searching. Otherwise, I’m liable to hide in denial, wallow in self-pity, or seethe in self-loathing.
  3. REVIEW the day. I look back at my day and ask the Lord to point out to me the moments when I have failed in big ways or small. I take a sobering look at the mistakes I’ve made this day.
  4. REPENT of any mistakes or failures. If I have sinned, I ask God to forgive me and set me straight again. If I have not sinned but simply made a mistake, I ask for healing of any harm that might have been done. I ask for help to get over it and move on. I also ask for wisdom to discern how l might better handle such tricky moments in the future.
  5. RESOLVE, in concrete ways, to live tomorrow well. I ask God to show me how tomorrow might go. I imagine the things I’ll be doing, the people I’ll see, and the decisions I’ll be mulling over. I ask for help with any moments I foresee that might be difficult. I especially ask for help in moments when I might be tempted to fail in the way I did today.