Nineveh Repents

Jonah: A Story of God's Love

Justin Fung reads Deryn van der Tang’s poetic response to Jonah 3. Dana Cunliffe walks us through Jonah chapter three, focusing on the Ninevites. She reminds us that God is at work, and there is always hope that powerful and wicked systems and empires can change. [Jonah 3]

Creative Response: Nineveh Repents by Deryn van der Tang

Three days did Jonah shout and sigh
God’s wrath in every street did cry
“Repent, repent before you die!”
The king threw off his royal clothes
Sat in the dust with barefoot toes
“Oh, evil men your sins disclose
Listen to what the prophet says
Or in forty days, you’ll be erased.
Man and beast, cease violent ways!
Sackcloth and ashes, fast and pray
If you want to live another day.”

As Jonah feared the people heard
The Word of God they preferred
From evil ways they turned away
God’s commandments to obey.
Compassion and Mercy is His Name
Just as Jonah knew the same.
We may huff and puff at others sin,
Before we really look within
This petulant child,
On whom God smiled
With His love He reconciled.