Christ City Church

Justin Fung closes out our look at our calling as Christ City Church by talking about “church” — what the church is and what it means for us to be the church. [1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-10]

We are called to the Church.

Church isn’t a building, an organization, or an institution. And church isn’t a place for the perfect or pristine. Church is for the hungry, hurting, and hopeful. Church is a community of people who are ordering their lives around Jesus, rooted in a place; coming together to remember the promises of God and the work of Christ; and walking together as followers of Jesus.

Our church is a collective of storytellers sharing the greatest story of all in a thousand ways, to remind one another when we forget and to invite others who haven’t heard. We are a people gathering to remember, and then scattering to tell, the gospel of Christ Jesus.


  • How do you see the church?
  • How do you see yourself as part of the church?


Closing prayer: Steadfast God, perhaps one of the greatest mysteries is why you continue to entrust the work of your kingdom into our clumsy hands. But we are forever grateful that you do not want to change the world without us. May we become the church you dream of. Amen. (Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals; August 27, Morning)

Icon: St. Peter and St. Paul

Confession and Benediction: Hymn 119, Ausbund

We gather, we sing from the heart, we celebrate Christ-unity;
And in our midst Jesus takes part, creating his community.

Together we sing out his life, together we sing out his grace.
Together we sing out his gift, together we sing out his peace.

We gather, we sing out our fears, confess them in humility;
And as we meet Jesus appears and transforms our futility.

Together we reread his words, together we recall his death,
Together we retell his works, together we rebreathe his breath.

We gather, we sing out our pain, our sadness, our grief, and our loss;
And as we meet Jesus again, we yield to the way of the cross.

Together we search for his will, together we offer our prayer,
Together we surrender all, together we rest in his care.