Sunday Teams

Everything that we do on Sunday is only possible because people volunteer their time and energy to make it happen! Help out by volunteering on one or two of the following teams:

  • Hospitality. Serving as a host to our visitors, creating a welcoming space, preparing communion.
  • Kids City. Teaching, caring for, and having fun with our kids, helping learn how to love God and love their neighbors.
  • Prayer. Carrying the thanksgiving and cares of the community by providing coverage and support before and during the gathering.
  • Production. Making the musicians sound good by controlling the soundboard, working the lights, running the slides.
  • Stage Setup.┬áTransforming a school cafeteria into a worship space before the gathering; flipping it back afterwards.
  • Worship & Creative Arts. Finding ways to help our community encounter and engage with God through music, words, and other creative means.