Strength for the Journey

God’s refuge in the midst of struggle

As a city,  a nation, and a church we find ourselves in a unique moment in history. With a raging pandemic, the ongoing uprising for racial justice, political and financial uncertainty all around, it can be hard to remember that God is still sovereign, is with us in the struggles for justice, and His Kingdom is unshakable. In this series, we will explore five Psalms that serve as needed reminders and necessary invitations to rest in the Lord while continuing the fight of faith.

Waiting on God’s justice

How do we not grow weary in well-doing when God’s vision for our world can seem so far off? How do we not become discouraged when what we wait for, what we yearn for, what we hope for is so long in coming? Pastor Justin Fung turns to Psalm 130 to find sustenance and the source of both rest and resilience for life and faith in these challenging times—and particularly for the work of justice and compassion.

Contentment on the journey

How do we understand the ways the Bible talks about contentment in God, in the midst of a world that isn't how it should be? Pastor Andrea Ackermann preaches on Psalm 131, a pilgrim song that reminds us who we are and where we're going. We are challenged to find rest and satisfaction in God's presence, as a child with its mother.

Gratitude in the Desert

As we continue our Strength for the Journey series, considering how we can persevere on the road of faith and justice, Pastor Matthew Watson reminds us that it is through remembering and being reminded of what God has already done that we may see what God is doing now.

But I Trust

In the midst of all that has happened and is happening—a global pandemic, another police shooting of a Black man, civil unrest, white supremacy, as well as financial hardships and health issues—it can be hard to read the exhortation of Psalm 150 to praise the Lord. Pastor Lisa Watson talks about what Psalm 150 has to teach us about worship.