Towards a Theology of Inclusion Regarding Human Sexuality

June 14, 2020

Dear church,

Grace and peace to you all; we hope this email finds you well. We continue to pray for our church community, our city, and our world as we persist through this turbulent and exhausting—and, at times, by the grace of God, even inspiring—season; and we pray that you have been able to see signs of the Spirit’s activity in, through, and around you.

In case you missed yesterday’s message from Pastor Justin, he shared the journey that we as elders and our Leadership Council had been on over the last few years with regard to issues of sexuality and inclusion in the church. The posture that we coalesced around after a months-long process of discernment was one of full inclusion, defined as one where all are welcome to serve, engage, and lead at all levels of the church, whether you identify as LGBTQ+, hold a more affirming theology of sexuality or marriage, or hold a more traditional theology of sexuality and marriage. In other words, there is room for everyone. (You can watch the whole message below.)

As promised, we are sharing with you a paper entitled “Towards a Theology of Inclusion Regarding Human Sexuality”, which sets out the theological foundations for our decision. We were able to answer some questions from folks at Town Hall gatherings on June 14 and June 18. If you have feedback—comments or questions for the elders to respond to via email or some other media—please submit it here. (You may do so anonymously if you’d prefer.) We are so grateful to be on this journey with you as we continue to seek to embody the welcome of God’s kingdom here in DC.

In Christ,
Casey, Erick, Ife, Justin, Kathy, Matthew, Nate, Paul, and Sarah
The Christ City Church Elder Board