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A Question, Two Invitations, and a Promise

This week, we get to meet Jesus for the first time in person in John's Gospel and we hear his first words: "What do you want?", "Come and see," "Follow me," and "You will see more." Lisa Watson talks to us about how these words still have resonance for us today. [John 1:35-51]

John the Baptist and Knowing Who You Aren’t

Knowing who you aren't is just as important as knowing who you are. Matthew Watson introduces us to the character of John the Baptist and talks about his relationship with Jesus -- and himself. [John 1:19-27]

A Story of Belief

As a church, we grieved the passing of one of our community members this week. And as we began our journey into the Gospel of John, Justin Fung reminded us of the importance of belief in Jesus that leads to the eternal kind of life -- life after death and life before life after death too. [John 1:1-18, 20:30-31]

The Spirituality of Protest

Every Sphere of Life

Dutch politician and philosopher Abraham Kuyper said, "There is not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, 'This is mine! This belongs to me!'" Justin Fung unpacks that statement as well as Jesus' first sermon to explore our calling as individuals and as a church. [Luke 4:16-21]

Every Life

Leaving the Familiar: A New Year’s Message

Keeping Vigil Over Peace

On Christmas Eve, Matthew Watson and Justin Fung talk about the birth of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and what his coming to earth two thousand years ago has continuing effects in our lives today. [Luke 2:13-14]

Keeping Vigil Over Love