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In week two of our Ezer series, Marisa Stubbs takes a look at Hagar, often just seen as a footnote in Abraham and Sarah's story, but so much more in the story of God. [Genesis 16:1-15]


We begin our new series looking at some of the women in the Bible. Matthew Watson introduces us to the word ezer, to our spiritual foremother Eve, and what Eve has to say to us. [Genesis 1:27-28, 2:18-3:1]

The God Who Gathers and Scatters

On Pentecost Sunday, Matthew Watson retells the story of the birth of the Church — through the giving of God's Spirit — and talks about how and why God both gathers and scatters us. [Acts 2:1-13]

Knocked Down But Not Out


What's keeping you busy? And what is your busyness doing to you? Justin Fung talks about the everyday battle of busyness, and Jesus' invitation to us in the midst of it. [Matthew 11:25-30]


If you're human, you experience worry. And yet Jesus tells us not to worry. How do we understand Jesus' words and put them into practice? Andrea Ackermann helps us explore this question. [Matthew 6:25-34]


This week we stare down the everyday battle we have with money. We spend our days working to earn money, every day we spend money, and in our off-time we think about ways to get more money. Matthew Watson helps us consider the question, “What story do we want our money to tell?” and we’ll explore whether our money is actually telling that story. [Proverbs 30:7-9]


In the second message in our Everyday Battles series, Justin Henry takes a look at the role of doubt in our lives and in our faith through the lens of three doubters. [John 20:24-31]


The week after Resurrection Sunday, we kick off a new series looking at how we live into the reality of Easter in the midst of our Everyday Battles. This week, Lisa Watson talks to us about disappointment. [Hebrews 12:1-3]