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Even as we come to the end of the first month of the year, the rest of 2019 stretches out before us. Who will we become this year, and how do we get where God wants us to go? Justin Fung introduces the SPIRES Plan tool and reminds us that love is the framework for our lives. [Mark 12:28-31]

A Letter to My Fellow Exiles

Guest preacher Jonathan "Pastah J" Brooks unpacks Jeremiah 29 for us, drawing on lessons gleaned from living and pastoring in the same Chicago neighborhood of Englewood that he grew up. [Jeremiah 29:4-7]

Begin Again

St. Benedict (c.480-547AD) said, "Always we begin again." At the start of a new year, we do that literally. Matthew Watson talks about the invitation that God extends to us over the coming months and how we might accept -- and participate. [Ephesians 3:14-4:1]

Making Room for Peace

Jesus came to bring peace, shalom, not just the absence of conflict but the wholeness of relationship with God, with others, with nature and systems, and with ourselves. Matthew Watson walks us through how each of the characters in the nativity point to the peace of God. [Jeremiah 33:14-16]

Making Room for Joy

On the third Sunday of Advent, before Kids City led us in joyful worship by enacting the Nativity, Andrea Ackermann talked about how we might make room for joy -- not counterfeit joy, which is really an escape, but real joy, which can stand alongside all of the difficulty and trouble of our lives. [Matthew 2:1-2]

Making Room for Love

Looking at the story of Joseph and Mary, Marisa Stubbs encourages us to remember the love of God and challenges us to make room for it. [Matthew 1:18-25]

Making Room for Hope

On the first Sunday of Advent, we look at hope and how we make room for hope by remembering what's already been done. Matthew Watson also led us in a time of giving thanks, the practical outworking of hope. [Luke 2:1-20]

Little Red Box Faith

Lisa Watson closes out The Gospel of John: A Story of Life by looking at the opposition Jesus faced and the invitation he offered—and continues to offer. [John 10:22-42]

The Good Shepherd

This week, several storytellers from our community share their responses to Jesus' statement that he is the Good Shepherd, and we as listeners are invited to the creative, collaborative process, considering our response to the prompt "The Good Shepherd is like ..." [John 10:1-18]