My Most Important Question 2020, Pt 1

My Most Important Question 2020

Too often churches ask us to check our doubts at the door, to leave our most important questions behind. But the reality is that we all have deep questions we have wrestled with throughout life. At Christ City Church, we believe that when we wrestle with our biggest questions, it actually deepens our faith. One of the most beautiful lines in the Bible is in Mark 9, when the man says to Jesus, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” That captures the paradox of faith—there are things we know and cling to, and there are things we don’t yet know—and may never know.

During this series, people in our own church community share how they have wrestled through their most important question. This week, we heard from Anna (“Who is God when His promise of healing doesn’t happen?”), Chuck (“Is it time to go home?”) and Ashley (“Where do I belong?”).