Ruth 3: Displays of Character and Hope


Pastor Watson highlights how Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz exhibit fidelity, integrity, and hope – and how these qualities in the book of Ruth point us to Jesus. [Ruth 3]


Creative Response to Ruth 3 by Anna Wayne

Under His Wings

Counting the stars in the night sky and each sleeping breath he takes. She wonders what happens next? Sitting on the threshing floor in the middle of the night, what can become of this?

His face is peaceful in the light of the moon and she can see the kindness etched into the lines of his face.

Back to the silent space of waiting, the unanswered questions. God had allowed her husband to be taken from her, and yet he has still proven to be good, a God who sees everything and forgets nothing, not even her.

Each day gleaning has taught her the quiet discipline of hope in the midst of the unknown. Boaz himself had reminded her that she was under the wings of God.

But is this man willing to redeem her? He has provided barley, a field, and shown his favor for her. Is he the man she and Naomi know him to be? Steadfast, hardworking, righteous, and just?

Will his arms hold and protect her? Will she be precious in his sight or a burden to carry?

Or will he reject her, the foreigner Moabite; a widow. Will his merriment from the evening cloud his judgement, will he mistake her presence at his bedside?

Oh, to have the righteousness of a woman who walks by faith and not by sight. A woman strong enough to never doubt the providence of her God. A woman so courageous and loyal she pledged her life to the unknown.

The barley shifts and he stirs alarmed, the hour is late. 

“Who are you?” He asks startled.

And without any doubt, fear or trembling, she responds, 

“I am Ruth, spread your wings over me, pledge your faithfulness to me.”

Boaz is eager to redeem her but he must ask a kinsmen closer than himself before saying “yes”. It is back to waiting, back to the unknown. After all this time gleaning, believing and hoping there is still no firm answer in sight.

She is calm walking back to town in the dark early hours of morning, carrying the weight of six quarts of Barley. A symbol of a promise, a show of providence, an arrow pointing back to her God. And she knows no matter what that wherever He leads her, she will go, and she will find refuge.