Ruth 1: The small story within the big story


In the first sermon in our series on Ruth, Pastor Matthew Watson explores how the story of Ruth fits into the bigger story of God’s redemption. [Ruth 1:1-6, 22]

Creative Response


By Ife Johnson

Empty. I heard her say, “she went away full and came back empty.”
Empty: defined as containing nothing, or not filled or occupied.
But she came back with me.
Does that mean I am nothing, not filled or occupied; empty?
I may not have the worth of a son,
But surely my company is more than mara;
Has the sweet balm of our friendship only ministered to me?

Empty. Also defined as lacking meaning or sincerity.
Now I know, in me, sincerity is not in want.
I chose a mother over a husband.
Deemed an old widow more worthy than a man.
And I still do.
Where she went, I have followed, and where she remains, I will be.
Her people are now my people, and her God is now my God.

So, El-Shaddai, my God:
As Naomi now counts me as nothing,
I pray that you will make me of value.
As Naomi now lacks meaning,
I pray you will reveal her purpose through me.
Just as Naomi, I too will count myself as empty,
Anxiously waiting to be filled and occupied by You.