What Kind of God, Part 2

Jonah: A Story of God's Love

This week, Justin Fung wraps up our series on Jonah. He urges us to see ourselves as Jonah in the story, and highlights what Jonah 4 teaches us about God’s mercy and why we should love our enemies. [Jonah 3:10-4:11]

Creative Response: Jonah 4

Courtney Albon

God, I don’t understand your indiscriminate love
I’m confused by the way your mercy moves
by the doors you hold open
by the tables you prepare
by the invitations you extend
I don’t understand your love

God, I’m tired of your patient justice
Tired of waiting for your liberation to catch up with my longing
For the tables to be flipped
For the systems to be uprooted
For the cities to be rebuilt
I’m tired of your justice

God, I’m scared of your unexpected grace
Scared of the places it might show up
Of the people it might reach
Of the sins it may cover
Of the punishment it may spare
God, I’m scared of your grace