God’s Presence in the Pit

Jonah: A Story of God's Love

Ashley Greeley offers a creative response to the prayer of Jonah 2, and Andrea Ackermann reflects on where God is in the midst of our troubles. [Jonah 2]

Creative Response: Sonnets for Jonah – Despair and Hope by Ashley Greeley

Down to the bottom of the sea I sink,
trapped in the gut of a diving sea thing.
With, I suppose, plenty of time to think,
desperate thoughts form in my mind and cling.

The darkness lends itself to my despair
I am all abandoned, lost, cast away.
God has turned his face from me, does he care?
I do the only thing left, and I pray.

In my mind’s eye I watch the words rising
to God – Will he accept my repentance?
My gut then wrenches, once, twice, advising.
I feel the waves swell once more, then silence.

But then I hear an answer, a small sound.
It seems the ear of God my prayers have found.

A small victory, perhaps, but he’s here.
I feel the hope roll off me in a wave.
God sent me to this place, a seat of fear,
but he did not lead me to my own grave.

He’ll rescue me – I feel it in my bones.
And I, I will follow him through the horde.
Whatever that means, through all the unknowns.
I proclaim – Salvation comes from the Lord!

I will not turn from you, though others spurn.
I see you for the love you are and praise
your name on high even in the downturn.
You brought me life when all else was ablaze.

God wins, I’ll do it, I’m ready to fight.
My world upends, then all is blinding light.