My Most Important Question 2019, Pt 2

My Most Important Question 2019

Today we began one of our most popular series: My Most Important Question. Too often churches ask us to check our doubts at the door, to leave our most important questions behind. But the reality is that we all have deep questions we have wrestled with throughout life, and at Christ City Church, we believe that when we wrestle with our biggest questions, it actually deepens our faith. In Mark 9, a man said to Jesus, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” That captures the paradox of faith — there are things we know and cling to, and there are things we don’t yet know — and may never know.

This week, we heard from Deryn (“Why is it so hard to know God and his design for your life?”), Erick (“Why can’t I feel the Spirit of God?”), and Akhi (“Are there bad people?”).