The Power of Thanksgiving

Psalms: Songs of the Heart

Matthew Watson talks about how the psalmist sets an example for us in how to live lives that are characterized by thanksgiving and gratitude. [Psalm 116]


Communal confession

(LEAD) God, you are our protector and comforter,
(ALL) yet how often we avoid you.

(LEAD) You say blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
(ALL) yet how often we crave praise and acknowledgment from others.

(LEAD) You say blessed are those who mourn,
(ALL) yet how often we refuse to hear the pain of others.

(LEAD) You say blessed are the meek,
(ALL) yet how often we seek to exert power over others.

(LEAD) You say blessed are the peacemakers,
(ALL) yet how often we perpetuate injustice and silence the voices of others.

We confess our shortcomings this morning,
and thank you for your grace and forgiveness
that are new for us each day.
Show us how to be your children
in our families, neighborhoods, and city.

In the name of
the Father,
of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.