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A Community of Holiness

Pastoral Associate Andrea Ackermann explores the church as a community of holiness. Understanding holiness begins with identity. We are God’s people, God’s church, a visible manifestation of God’s spirit and movement, and we are called to live into this identity.

A Community on Mission

In the third week of our Being Church series, Lisa Watson explains how to be a community on mission by answering these questions: Who gets to be a part? What do we do? and How do we do it?

A Community of Difference & Diversity

How do we, as a community, anchor ourselves in the work of Jesus in a manner that displays the reconciling, unifying, uniting love of God in the midst of our differences and diversity? We are called to live out our new humanity in Christ, in the context of the new Human Family that God has formed through Christ's cross. Pastor Watson reflects on how we are to be the church, given the beautiful diversity that is represented within Christ City, and DC more broadly.

Shadows & Hope

This week we learned that a dear member of our church, Angel Scroggins, passed away. In response to this news, Pastor Watson decided to take a break from our Being Church series and pause in this moment to lament - to grieve this loss, and other losses that we are experiencing during this time. This sermon gives space for us to name the death and loss that we've experienced, and then to name the life and hope that we see in Christ.

The Body of Christ

Just as the disciples had to figure out how to do life together after the Resurrection, so too we wanted to revisit the idea of who we are in light of the Resurrection. Pastor Justin kicks off our new series "Being Church: Becoming a Called Community" by exploring what it means to be the body of Christ. We belong to Christ, and when functioning properly, we work together as a unit to do what Christ wants us to do.

The Small Story of Easter

He is risen! He is risen indeed. This Easter Sunday, Pastor Matthew Watson explores the story of Simon of Cyrene, who was forced to carry Jesus' cross on the way to Golgotha. We are reminded that we don't have to carry our crosses alone.

Jesus is King

On Palm Sunday, we celebrate and remember that Jesus is King. Pastor Justin Fung helps us explore what that means for us in these times of chaos, anxiety, and turmoil. [Luke 19:37-42, 45-46]

What’s Next?

As we close out our 12-week series on Learning to Live, Pastor Matthew Watson uses words from Paul's letter to the Colossians to help us consider what's next. [Colossians 1:9-14]

For the Sake of the World

As we begin to round out our Learning to Live series, we look at learning to live for the sake of the world. God does not  invite us only to a one-on-one relationship but one which directly affects and impacts those around us and the world we live in. Pastor Lisa Watson talks about what it might look like for us to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with our God. [Micah 6:8]