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David Bailey: The Wilderness Walk

Guest Preacher, David Bailey, brings us into the wilderness of Deuteronomy as he speaks those who seek justice, but don't always see it. God's provision is for those who are flourishing and for those under the weight of oppression. How we view God determines how we make sense of the wilderness walk.  [Deuteronomy 8:1-3]

Servanthood: Life, Death, and Life Again

As we journey through John, we've reached the account of Jesus washing the disciples' feet as a example of servant leadership. Lisa Watson teaches on the love, knowledge, and vulnerability behind servanthood and the marks of a servant. [John 13:1-17]

Jesus’ Purpose and Process

In order to fulfill one's purpose, one must have a process for getting there. Matthew Watson unpacks how Jesus' purpose -- bringing life, light, and salvation -- necessitated a process that involved going through death, darkness, and isolation; and how that gives us hope. [John 12:20-50]

After the Miracle

We rejoin the story after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and find him facing tremendous pushback from the religious leaders. Why does he encounter such opposition for doing good? Andrea Ackermann explains the threat that Jesus poses -- to systems and structures ... and to us. [John 11:45-57]

Life, Death, and Life Again

As we rejoin the Gospel of John, Matthew Watson tells the story of Jesus and his friend Lazarus, and reminds us that God is with us in our disappointment and grief, and that it isn't about how we start that counts. [John 11:1-44]


Even as we come to the end of the first month of the year, the rest of 2019 stretches out before us. Who will we become this year, and how do we get where God wants us to go? Justin Fung introduces the SPIRES Plan tool and reminds us that love is the framework for our lives. [Mark 12:28-31]

A Letter to My Fellow Exiles

Guest preacher Jonathan "Pastah J" Brooks unpacks Jeremiah 29 for us, drawing on lessons gleaned from living and pastoring in the same Chicago neighborhood of Englewood that he grew up. [Jeremiah 29:4-7]

Begin Again

St. Benedict (c.480-547AD) said, "Always we begin again." At the start of a new year, we do that literally. Matthew Watson talks about the invitation that God extends to us over the coming months and how we might accept -- and participate. [Ephesians 3:14-4:1]

Making Room for Peace

Jesus came to bring peace, shalom, not just the absence of conflict but the wholeness of relationship with God, with others, with nature and systems, and with ourselves. Matthew Watson walks us through how each of the characters in the nativity point to the peace of God. [Jeremiah 33:14-16]