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Instead of skipping over a difficult-to-grapple-with passage, Pastor Justin Fung helps us understand what Paul was saying to his readers in Galatians 4.

Freedom for All

Pastor Matthew Watson preaches on how Paul eroded categories of division and the hierarchies of the day when he wrote that all could become children of God through faith.

What Really Frees Us

Pastor Matthew Watson unpacks Galatians chapter 3, and how Paul wants us to experience the full freedom that Jesus offers. Nothing beyond faith in Christ is required for life in Christ. 

Compromise and Conviction

Pastor Justin Fung preaches on how Paul handled differences in the early church, and that both compromise and conviction are needed in order for everyone to experience the freedom of the gospel.

Introduction to Galatians

Pastor Andrea Ackermann introduces our new series by providing context and asking what counterfeit gospels we may fall prey to, just as the Galatians did. "How do we know the gospel we proclaim is true? By its transformative power."

Rescue Us from Evil

Pastor Matthew Watson closes out our series on the Lord's Prayer by reminding us that evil is within us and around us, but we do not need to be afraid, because God is victorious.

Do Not Bring Us Into Times of Trial

Pastor Lisa Rodriguez Watson unpacks what it means for us to pray "Do not bring us into times of trial."

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Guest preacher Teesha Hadra preaches on the Parable of the Prodigal Son and how God’s forgiveness is the foundation and the model for becoming forgiveness people.

Resurrection Sunday – Good News

In a year with so much news, Pastor Justin Fung preaches about the good news of the resurrection, and the hope we have in Jesus.