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Ruth 4: Resilience, Risk-taking and Redemption

In the final sermon in our series on Ruth, Pastor Lisa Rodriguez-Watson asks, "What does it mean to live faithfully forward?" We often believe the lies and labels that people give us because of our circumstances or things that have happened to us, but God wants us to see ourselves the way God sees us. Despite her background and challenges, Ruth was full of resilience and determination. She took faithful risks, leading to her redemption. As a foremother to Jesus, Ruth points the way toward him.

Ruth 3: Displays of Character and Hope

Pastor Watson highlights how Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz exhibit fidelity, integrity, and hope - and how these qualities in Ruth point us to Jesus.

Ruth 2: Providence and Participation

Have you ever wondered how God provides? Pastor Justin Fung talks about how Ruth 2 shows us that God provides, in large part through people of compassion and commitment, who care for one another and the common good. Or to put it more personally: no matter our situation, we can be—we are called to be, we are needed as—instruments of God’s blessing, offering healing and grace to others.

Ruth 1: The small story within the big story

In the first sermon in our series on Ruth, Pastor Matthew Watson explores how the story of Ruth fits into the bigger story of God's redemption.

Nina Balmaceda: Encounters in Mark 5

Guest preacher Nina Balmaceda invites us to rediscover a savior, teacher, and redeemer as he confronts issues of gender, race, violence, and oppression. She walks us through how three of Jesus' encounters with neighbors in need display his radical care for vulnerable people, giving hope in a world of hopelessness.

A Sabbatical Testimony

Pastor Matthew Watson shares what God taught him during his two-month Sabbatical. Through several stories, he reminds us that God is with us, God loves us, and our rest, hope, and identity is in God.


In the final week of The Whole Story series, Pastor Justin focuses on testimonies of triumph. For Christians, our triumphs come from being faithful. Whether something is a triumph depends on what you're looking at, when you ask, and whom you ask.


In the fifth sermon in our series on testimonies, Pastor Justin explores the topic of failure. He walks us through how we can learn and grow through our failures, and how the transforming power of the gospel can prevent failure from leading to rejection and shame.

Origin Stories

Every fifth Sunday of the month is Kids City Sunday, where our youth and kids serve and lead during the service. As part of our series on testimonies, Pastor Watson talks with two teenagers from our church family - Arkale Scroggins and Nathan Watson. These young men share what it's like to follow God as a young person, who in their families inspires them, how God has comforted them, what they would say to grown folks, and more about their origin stories.