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The Person and Possibility of the Spirit

Are you curious about the Power & Possibility of the Holy Spirit and how to live a spirit-filled life? Pastor Matthew Watson looks at the ways that the Spirit has worked throughout the biblical narrative: Creation, Revelation, Redemption, Guidance, and Commission. Which of these modes of the Spirit's work are you in need of today?  [Acts 1:4-11]

The Promised Holy Spirit

We say goodbye to our series on John and hello to a series on the Holy Spirit. Pastor Matthew Watson opens up Jesus' promises for an Advocate, a Comforter, and Helper - the promised Holy Spirit. [John 14:15-18]

John 21: The Aftermath

We are nearing the end of our "Life, Death, and Life Again" series on John as we reach the John's final chapter. Pastor Matthew Watson offers questions and prayers that can move us forward as we come face to face with a resurrected Jesus. [John 21]

Start of Life:: End of Death

"Christ is Risen; He is risen indeed! It is a reminder that because of Christ we can have life and we can have it abundantly."  Pastor Matthew Watson preaches on the Resurrection of Jesus from John 20 on Easter Sunday. We also heard a spoken word piece from Mazaré Rogers. John 20:1-10

Good Friday

As part of our contemplative Good Friday service, observing the Way of the Cross (also known as the Stations of the Cross), we hear from Amy Sawyer, Tommy O'Keefe, and Tiffany Pyen. [John 19:13-30] (Some elements of the service were not able to be included in the podcast for copyright reasons.)

Palm Sunday

Jesus entered into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey to shouts of adoration and acclamation. Andrea Ackermann examines how the different responses to Jesus challenge us to examine our own responses. [John 12:1-19]

That We Might Be One

The idea of unity in the church can seem like a pipe dream when we look at all of the different Christian churches and denominations, all of the ways we section ourselves off, all of the issues we’ve splintered and separated over, all of the ways we’ve forced others out or made folks feel so unwelcome that they had to start somewhere new; it’s easier to name situations where we’ve failed than where we’ve succeeded. Nevertheless, Jesus prayed for unity among his followers. Justin Fung considers what unity is and what it isn't — and what we are called to do in the face of difference and division. [John 17]

Peace Amidst the Trouble

On our first Kids City Sunday, Jaemin and Nathan read our passage of Scripture and Brian Lomax, one of our Kids City volunteers, gives the message about Jesus' promise: "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." [John 16:16-33]


Dallas Willard describes joy as "a pervasive and constant sense of well-being that is infused with hope because of the goodness of God." Jesus promises that that joy is available to us and that he will make our joy complete. Justin Fung unpacks how Jesus gets us there. [John 15:1-25]