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The Lord is My Shepherd

In this season of being in transition, Pastor Justin Fung provides a reflection on Psalm 23. "The promise of Psalm 23 is that God is with us every stumbling step of the journey, even if we do not know where we are going. And even as we wait for, long for, yearn for the quiet waters and lush meadows, for a banquet and bottomless beverages, for our souls and our society to be whole and at peace, may we learn to see the glimpses of the goodness and glory of God in our stories and all around us in the meantime."

Finding Rest

It's Labor Day weekend, and Pastor Matthew Watson begins a three-part conversation about how we live in the "now and not yet" space. How do we dance between the rhythms of work and rest?

The Spirit is at Work

Nikki Wiggins, Christ City Church's Minister of Youth, Families, and Community Engagement, reminds us that the Spirit is always at work. Pay attention to the gifts that God has given you and how the Spirit is at work in you and through you. 

A Message from Father Ben Beltran

This week we hear from Father Ben Beltran, a Catholic priest who served for four decades in Manila on the Smokey Mountain garbage dump, the 3rd largest garbage dump in the world and home to 25,000 people, most of whom lived by scavenging through what others threw away. Father Ben shares from his decades of ministry on Smokey Mountain and where he has seen the Spirit at work in the midst of a garbage heap. During his years living and serving among the scavenger community of Smokey Mountain, Father Ben developed schools, dance studios, microenterprises, and environmental justice efforts.

Hope for Remaking the World

Guest preacher Oneya Okuwobi walks us through four shifts in our thinking that will help us restore our hope for a better world.

The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Pastor Matthew Watson preaches during our first all-church in-person gathering in 17 months.

A Look Back at the Early Church

This week we hear from the premier Latin American theologian Ruth Padilla-DeBorst. Ruth is a Costa Rican-based theologian, missiologist, educator and storyteller. She has been involved in leadership development and theological education in her native Latin America for decades where she serves with a number of global organizations focusing on global mission and ministry primarily in the majority world. 

Confrontational Generosity

Guest preacher William Lamar IV kicks off our new sermon series entitled: Church Now / Church Next.

My Most Important Question Part 2

This is the second week of our favorite annual series, My Most Important Question in which members of our community share their most important question regarding faith.