Our Calling

In response to the grace of God, Christ City Church is joining Christ in his work of redemption in Washington, DC, and the world. Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God on display in DC, in every life and every sphere of life.

The calling of Christ City Church of Washington, DC, is bound up in our name. Embedded in that name are our highest values, our deepest longings, and the fullest vision of who we are becoming as God’s people and what we’re dreaming for our city. We are called to Christ. We are called to this city. We are called to the Church.


Christ City Church revolves around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ is the object of our faith and the One on whom all our hopes and dreams hang. He is the One with whom we are captivated; he is the One to whom we look; he is the One we follow; and he is the One we invite others to follow.

Where we see joy and beauty in our world, we acknowledge that as the handiwork of Christ — the Creator, Sustainer, and Liberator of the world. Where we see brokenness in our world and in our lives, we cry out to Christ, the One who is working to renew all things, heal all things, and restore all things. Other than Christ, there is no name by which humanity is rescued and the wrong things in the world are set right.


Place matters. Because Jesus took on flesh and blood, lived in a neighborhood and identified with a people – we also root ourselves in neighborhoods and identify with people. Our place is Washington, DC. While many come to this city to consume it and to use it, we want to be among those who love it.

Some of us have lived here our whole lives, and this city is our story for as long as we’ve had one. Others of us have come to call this place home. Still others of us are only here for a short while. All of us are learning what it means to follow Jesus in a locale; to be good neighbors; to be storytellers of God’s good news; and to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God in DC.


Church isn’t a building, an organization, or an institution. And church isn’t a place for the perfect or pristine. Church is for the hungry, hurting, and hopeful. Church is a community of people who are ordering their lives around Jesus, rooted in a place; coming together to remember the promises of God and the work of Christ; and walking together as followers of Jesus.

Our church is a collective of storytellers sharing the greatest story of all in a thousand ways, to remind one another when we forget and to invite others who haven’t heard. We are a people gathering to remember, and then scattering to tell, the gospel of Christ Jesus.