Our Calling

Our vision is to see the flourishing of God’s kingdom on display in every life and every sphere of life, in DC and beyond. Our mission: Love God. Love others. Make disciples.

Core Practices: To be followers of Jesus is to be on the journey of growth and transformation in learning to live as Jesus would, as individuals and as a community. Thus, we seek to root ourselves and our lives in:

  • Worship, our lived response, collectively and individually, to God’s great love displayed in the work of Christ and our shared life in the Spirit.
  • Community, participating with others in cultivating a fellowship that offers welcome to all, functions as the body of Christ in the world, and points to the reality of God’s kingdom among us.
  • Mission, proclaiming—with our words and our actions—the good news of life in Christ wherever we go and wherever we stay.

Core Values: These values describe both who we are and who we long to be. We seek to embody and emulate the kingdom of God and the example of Jesus through:

  • Justice, working toward a world where the image of God in every person is honored, by engaging in works of compassion for those who are in need as well as addressing the systems and structures that have created those needs. The Bible explicitly named the poor, immigrants, widows, and orphans as protected categories. For us, justice also includes gender equity, racial justice, and queer inclusion.
  • Inclusion, practicing kingdom hospitality, which shows love to strangers and offers a place at God’s table to all who want to partake, regardless of race, ethnicity, and culture; relational status, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression; socioeconomic status and educational attainment; native Washingtonians, transplants, and those just here for a season.
  • Presence, recognizing that bodies and places matter, pursuing practices and postures that demonstrate faithful participation in and stewardship of where God has us, in our neighborhoods and our parish, our homes and our workplaces.
  • Prayer, consistently and, with God’s help, constantly communing with God and calling out to God to fulfill God’s promises, in all the forms of engagement and relationship that are available to us.
  • Creativity, joining in the participative work of collaborating with God the Creator to show forth the beauty and artistry of God’s Spirit at work in creation, through story, spoken word, and song, through painting, photography, and poetry, through music and more.